Patricia Waiters 

Congratulations To Ms. Patricia Waiters


New Mayor for the town of Fairmont Heights, M.D.


Ms. Patricia Waiters is the new elected Mayor of this town in the county of

Prince Georges.  She will serve for this great town to provide for the people

excellent service for the communities.  Her hard work will mold and shape this into what the residents will call the best town in the state!


Throughout her serving terms Mayor Patricia Waiters will see to it that the expectations of students education is met, rebuilding the foundation to a well established structure, fundraisers to raise money for the youth and many more, local town meetings to hear the thoughts, opinions and views from the people and many more.  Ms. Waiters is the right candidate for the job and will show the people of this great town their vote will lead this city into a promising future!

JOe's Photography would like to thank Mayor Patricia Waiters for the opportunity to work with her during her road to elected Mayor.  We hope to work more with Ms. Waiters during her election to provide her with the pleased service which she was satisfied.  Be sure to watch for more photos to come.  Once again thank you Mayor Ms. Patricia Waiters.

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