Bucket List Dating

Ask yourself this. How often do you and your significant other get to see the eiffell tower on a warm summer/fall afternoon or eat the best dish in the continent or better yet explore the greatest museum known to man with history's most influential artist's. If the answer is no then we have to do something about that. I give you "Bucket List Dating". Sounds obvious right of course it is. Compile a bucket list of your favorite things to do and date. As simple as that. Now lets break it down so we can get you and the one you love on your way to having an unforgettable adventure. First thing you do, you and your partner sit down and talk about the idea of compiling a list of each other's favorite things to do. 10-20 is recommended but how ever as many desired is great as well. Now after you finish the list you both review each other's list and break it down to half of the total of both combined. After you finalized the list enjoy! Memories are meant to be reminisced and last forever. Typically when we go out we usually do the same o same o dinner and a movie, walk in the park (which I'm not against at all), club hopping and bars. You reach a certain age in your life where you start to notice the people and the places stay the same. You rarely meet someone in these settings who has the same mindset you do because their comfortable in the same set environment. I thought to myself one day and said "A Bucket List" date would sound pretty dope! Of course you would have to find someone who is wiling to take a leap of faith and give it a go! Not to say you can't do this by yourself or with a group of people but from a dating/courting standpoint is always great to do this with someone you trust, love, truly admire and who is spiritually connected to you. As you explore the epicness of the list that is by the author who are two individuals seeking an unforgettable adventure you'll come to know that person more and appreciate the time spent with them. We all have that feeling when we wake up in the morning asking ourselves "where is my life going? Am I bound to do the same thing over and over again for the rest of my life? Was I born for this? Does my spouse/significant other thinks I'm boring because we do the same thing everyday?". Please don't stress ourself out asking all these unnecessary questions. The great thing about Bucket List Dating is that you can revitalize, rewrite, edit or add to the bucket list. There's always something new and excited to do so you will never get tired! Read a whole book together in the english country side, eat the best pasta in Italy, explore the beauty of Africa, enjoy a boat ride in Thailand and listen to each others favorite playlist on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. This is one blog I can go days writing LOL. But before I go I say this to you. Life is so much bigger than the walls of your home, further than the block in your neighborhood and beyond the outreaches of the world. With two minds and two hearts combined infinity possibilities are dreams come true! I encourage you all of course to keep God first, love each other unconditionally, make an effort to make your dreams come true and live! Yeah I know this blog went deeper than the title but trust me when I say "Bucket List Dating" is worth a shot and something to tell even your grandchildren in the future how you lived and left memories with the one you love!

Sample Bucket List Dating byTAJ (TheeAverageJoe)

1. Visit Italy and eat at the best restaurant in town

2. Walk together on the great wall of china

3. Camel Ride across the desert sands of Egypt

4. Take a polaroid together in each state

5. Go Bowling, Skating, Movies, Go Cart Racing, Arcade in one day

6. Write each other a poem and seal it in a bottle

7. Listen to Each others favorite album in the evening on a beach

A quick rough draft so to speak! Enjoy your list and each others company and have a blessed day!

*Note. Whats important is that your significant other may not be able to do certain things from the list due to medical reasons or even against certain beliefs or values so its best to be mindful of the person and both come to a mutual understanding. Also the list may take more than a few days to complete depending on time and destination. But other than that enjoy anemic adventure!

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