Can We Talk (The Dial Tone Theory)

When was the last time you heard a dial tone in your ear? As annoying as it use to sound you come to a nostalgic reminiscent moment where you miss preparing to have what might be the best conversation with your crush hoping her overprotective father uncle or even older brother don't answer the phone. Detail by detail playback of a pay per view wrestle event with the homies because your favorite wrestler finally win the title. Even spending hours on the phone with your best friends or family members planning trips and talking about life. Those were the days!! It seems as though technology has really taken a toll on this generation of millennial's. In the 90s only consisted of talking on the phone with someone before a certain time particularly between the hours of 7pm and 9 PM and also hoping someone has games on their phone especially snake and solitaire. Those were certainly the days when times where simple and people actually communicated like civilized human beings. There's no other way to explain how exciting it was to hear your name called in the house yelling “telephone” or if you were fortunate enough to have a cell phone of your own you would spend countless hours in your room or roaming around the house. There was no need to Keep your head down on the phone on dates, family functions, driving and especially talking to someone face to face. We lost a part of us they may never come back and this new generation were born into the technological world where there first words may be “can I see your phone”. I will say this, technology has its benefits. Yet it is a gift and a curse. We have been gifted with search engines without going to the library, shopping online for clothes, food and miscellaneous, watching movies without going to the movie theaters and most importantly to this generation……social media mayhem!! You can be friends and get into a relationship with someone and never get to meet them or actually know them claiming you you do from a 2 minute bio. My point is and not to ramble on is that we use to stare into each other's eyes listening to what they other person is saying and engaging in a real conversation. I'm no saint I've been there with my phone plenty of times and even though me being an extrovert I can still find time to converse verbally vs text. If someone calls you they want to talk to you, hear your voice, hear your laugh and know you actually care enough to hear each other breathe. They way technology is advancing we may even read each other's mind without opening our mouth or texting. What once was normal may become extinct. Whether a house phone (which some rarely had unless it's grand ma and pa), cell phone or even the pre historic pay phone find time to dial a number hear a voice and say “Hey, can we talk”? And enjoy the best conversation like you use to!!

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