She’s Outta My League         part 1

“She's too pretty for you” “She can do waaay better” “I don't even know what she see in him. He’s not even cute” “She a 10 and your a 5. It just doesn't add it up” Sounds familiar. Right. It’s something your use to hearing from conworkers, strangers, friends and even That type of negativity brings Insecurity, loss of confidence, doubt, self hatred and depression. You go days comparing yourself to your crush’s interest only to find you look nothing like him. In her eyes good looking, muscular toned, humorerous, great personality and treats her the way you would treat her but without the perks that catch her eye. Not just her but all the women you encountered that you had a crush on were even taking by the man of their dreams or close to it or you would be her friend zoned pillow to comfort her woh conversation of her ideal man while you build her confidence up to go after someone other than you. Ouch!!!! For some you usually catch situations like these on movies and shows and for others like myself it’s a reality. If you don’t meet the standards of societies image of beautiful then they feel you have no reason to have a preference other than someone who look or act like you. Not to say that some women are ugly (only a bad sprint) but you desire to have someone you could fall in love with in all! Whether personality, looks, drive, beliefs etc. but if your a 5 and under you pretty much gotta settle for what some may call “leftovers” or her “Duff (designated ugly fat friend) best friend”. Like I said before no ones ugly in my eyes at least but what you have your heart set for you still wanna give it all you got and go for it! If you desire a pizza you don’t wanna settle for a cheeseburger or pasta salad. For some the cheeseburger and pasta salad is perfect but your in love with the pizza no matter pepeoorioni, sausage, cheese green peppers whatever. My point is you are not at point in your existence where anyone is outnof your league. Take for instance the movie “She’s outta my league (great movie). The main character is your average joe who works at the airport with his friends for TSA. Just recently getting dumped by his girlfriend he’s pretty bummed about it but at work he meets a gorgeous girl who his friends later on in the movie see her as a 10 and they see him as a 5. All throughout the movie he’s pretty shocked that a girl like her took an interest in him. Listening to his friends and family he still makes an effort to stay with her. Long story short he didn’t think a guy like him stood a chance with a girl like her but still ended up with the girl despite what he and other people thought. Whether your the cool one or the misfit everyone has a chance with the person they desire. Fellas. Your out of shape, can’t play sports, hair can’t look the way you always want, you tell corny jokes and your car is a rust bucket. You still have all the tools to get the girl of your dreams. The basic Introduce yourself (respectively) Star conversation ( feed off her conversation to see what she likes) Be yourself ( don’t try to impress her with fancy pick up lines or be someone your not) Continue conversation ( it’s not all about you give her a chance to talk about herself) Based off conversion see if she’s interested in exchanging numbers After that conclude the night as a gentleman Follow up with phone call or nowadays text to ask her out Go on date (build a friendship. Don’t get nervous about the friend zone. A successful relationships starts off from friendship) Then take it from there........... To be honest yes easier said then done but from all of this what you get is be yourself, be a gentleman, be respectful, don’t fear the friend zone (it happen to be trapped by it you gained and friend and keep it moving) and ask her out on a date. You are well capable of getting any women you have an interest in. If the “Basics” doesn’t work never put yourself down. Your gonna get shot down, rejected, blown off or even yelled at but that should never lower your confidence. Each one of us are uniquely blessed in our own way. You take that confidence (not arrogance) into this world with love for God, yourself and people in general. Never let a female put you down about anything. Words are sharper than swords but the spirit is indestructible armour for harsh words! So the next time someone says “she’s outta your league” let them know I may be a 5 in your eyes but in her eyes Ima let her know im a 10 worth knowing 

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